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Best Sites & Apps To Learn How To Invest (For Beginners to Intermediate)

In this upcoming blog post we look at the best sites and market edge apps that you can use to learn how to invest, even if you’re a rank beginner.

So hey, let’s get started!

One of the best sites to start with for news related to what is happening in the market. Small bite sized segments of market conditions at current and what’s happening today in the stock market, can be found at Market Watch.

While you are of course not expected to sit watching headline after headline pop out as you learn about every little detail in the market. What it does do is give you quick access to the pulse of the market. Remember we aren’t buying stocks yet, we need to understand the market first so we don’t lose money, and Market Watch is one of the best sites do this on.

Another thing you can do if you would like to get information on a single stock is either follow the specific feed of stock, for example here you can get what’s happening with Amazon stock at Yahoo Finance, some can be almost minute by minute updates.

Yet a far simpler way of pulling in a variety of sources of investment feeds is by far to use Google Alerts. You can add in keywords like “investment advice” or top gurus like “warren buffett” and even better if you are following a stock you can add what’s known as the stock ticker, which is a fancy way of saying it’s stock market code. i.e for Amazon stock it’s “AMZN”.

So those are some of the very first sites and tools for beginners and even seasoned veteran investors can use to keep up to date on the market, and what is happening with specific stocks.

Soon we will be adding the next section of this blog post where you will learn how to use apps in your toolbox of tricks for finding, researching and even buying stocks and beyond.

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