2 Answers: Are mutual funds a good retirement investment?


People seem to be saying different things and I can’t quite understand it. So are mutual funds a good retirement investment? Or is my money better invested in specific stocks.

Do I get a money manager?

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Answers ( 2 )

  1. One of the best for retirement funds are actually Index funds where you buy the S&P 500 index for example. You can’t beat the market with an ETF yet you won’t lose against the market like you likely will with a mutual fund!

  2. I think an ETF generally does better than a mutual funds because ETF usually just tracks an index so it can be handled automatically resulting in very low fees, somewhere in the region of 0.5%. While mutual funds are still attempting to beat the market which causes higher fees somewhere closer to 2% plus often as much as 20% of your capital gains too.

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