1 Answers: How can I be a successful property investor?


I would like to know more about the principles of investing in real estate and what really makes a successful property investor.

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  1. Every successful property investor needs to master the first principle is opportunity versus problems.

    There are investors who can come up with 100 problems but can’t think of a single opportunity.

    For example tenants are going to destroy my property or what if I lose my job and I’m unable to pay back my loan.

    We know where this is heading.

    It’s true that sometimes there are so many obstacles that it becomes difficult to identify opportunities.

    However don’t let challenges blur your vision in identifying countless opportunities that are available as a matter of fact there are so many opportunities in the market right now.

    It’s enough for several lifetimes.

    The second principle is to be familiar with a critical success factors which are your basics and fundamentals of property investment.

    What do basic and fundamental actually mean basics will set the foundation of your understanding and is the general knowledge which you need to understand before moving forward to an advanced level.

    For example you need to understand property investment 1 before moving to a property investment 2.

    Same principle applies here.

    Fundamentals on the other hand are the factors that take you from good to great.

    The third principle of property investment is to question everything as everything has a reason behind it.

    Continue asking as you will gain more knowledge investing in property has its own risks and unlike other investment vehicles a mistake in property investment is very expensive to resolve.

    It’s important to make a correct well-informed decision every time.

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