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I am looking for legal loopholes to pay less tax as a US citizen. Nothing illegal please. Only good ways to optimize taxes and pay less money to the government.

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  1. I have heard Puerto Rico is good and can mean you only get taxed at 4%

  2. Tax incentives here in Puerto Rico (ACT 20 and act 22) designed to stimulate local jobs.

    This ecosystem is basically that we have reactivated the traditional industry. Created new jobs in Puerto Rico and this means that US citizens can move to Puerto Rico and pay just 4% corporate tax and 0% on capital gains.

    Look what interests me is what it has done in tourism. And what has happened in tourism what tourism is not only promoting tourism is getting investment.

    Now we have private investors buying the hotels putting the money all the restoration on Hotel San Juan a case and glaring as Jay empresse hotel Balsall on and on.

    Now they are putting the capital also and one has for new boutiques hotels on their construction or design not with government money.

    That’s because we have been able to show that we are diverse.

    We we have a lot of advantages that were not promoting before. But now are very clear for all to see!

    So it’s not only the promotion of tourism, and the fact that more people are coming, though we’re having more lines coming to Puerto Rico. It is the fact that we have more capital invested in Puerto Rico by the people that are going there.

    The other important fact is that because they are promoting Puerto Rico and the development of Puerto Rico, it is great for the community.

    So like agriculture… many of the new residents say why are you importing 85 percent of what you would normally have in that market here you have the East Coast the U.S. to export a lot of goods that you can grow in Puerto Rico.

    So there’s new entrepreneurs developing in the agriculture area.

    And we’re seeing also new residents joining forces with these local people so that sector is now strong.

    Manufacturing we’re not forgetting about it either.

    Let’s not try to bring manufacturing companies that we don’t have any strategic advantage of bringing.

    Let’s grow the ones that we know and are ready to develop an advantage for.

    So medical devices is beginning to grow again as are manufacturing of drugs is beginning to grow.

    We have tied into internationalization.

    We are bringing companies from Latin America ones to enter the US market and using Puerto Rico as the entrance door to the U.S. market.

    So we are looking at new ways of furthering development manufacturing .

    And Angie saw on the other side I think that we have rebuilt retail stores.

    And the finance students they went to the banks to the schools that the banks used to have and asked that everybody had a career path.

    Now we have an ecosystem because we have a community and lots of programs that have brought speakers.

    Now we have the science and technology offices at the schools.

    And now we have more also funds trying to invest in startups.

    So that’s a ecosystem together with the university is getting more interested. It comes from the tax incentives brought forth.

    As you see more people being successful entrepreneurship everybody is jumping on that bandwagon.

    So this is for real.

    And coders they are all signed up and they are also bringing new residents to partner with our local people.

    Puerto Rico is into entertainment abd Puerto Rico have talented people.

    I’m sure you’ll call me for tickets to Hamilton in Puerto Rico soon!

    That’s the kind of talent that Puerto Ricans have in the music and in the acting are in every aspect of a culture creative industry we have a lot of talent and that’s well-liked by people you know.


    Four years ago they began with three flights a week.

    Now they are going to have a flight everyday.

    Join us in Puerto Rico fellow Americans!

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