6 Answers: Which is The Best Index Fund ETF to Invest in?


Which index fund is a good buy today for a good profit into the future? I’m debating putting more into the Schwab index fund SNXFX (US large-cap common stocks).

With index funds, you want low fees and a well-run, convenient, reputable broker. I’m happy to recommend Schwab for all of that: I’ve been with them for 30 years and they are a class act.

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  1. You don’t mention goals or account your going to use. But long term

    Total Stock Market Index
    Total International Market Index
    Total Bond Market Index

  2. Any triple leveraged inverse index ETF. There should be about a 7-8% decline in stocks over the next few weeks, so you can make 22-25% on your investment.

  3. QQQ is one of the best. If you are saving for your kids college, look more smooth and diverse funds. Don’t put your money all in the energy or healthcare sector, you want your money to be distributed over many sectors.

  4. I have chosen the Vanguard Life Strategy 100% Equity. It is a low-cost fund comprising a wide selection of Vanguard low cost-tracker funds.

  5. I use triple leveraged ETFs, and swing trade them.

    You should realize that you can actively manage your investments, and you don’t need to hold onto anything for a long time.

  6. Look for Vanguard or Fidelity, both are good.

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