7 Answers: How to invest 10k Per Month with Best ROI?


What is the best way to invest my monthly savings which are approximately 10k?

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  1. Invest into Forex and crypto trading. I work with Top Class Trade Group, we offer account management services to investors and traders in Forex and crypto trading. With your monthly savings of $10,000 we can earn you about $70,000 in 30 days of trading. Let me know if you need more details.

  2. First step begins with noting down your financial goals. Next quantify them. Take the help of an online platform or a calculator to calculate the future values of your goals. Next prioritise them not by their chronology, but by how important they are to you. After you’ve done that bring in all your savings and investments. Leave nothing out. Get them linked to your goals, either manually or automatically. That way you’ll get clarity on how much the gaps are in achieving your financial goals. After you’ve seen the gaps, again use an online platform or a calculator to figure out the amount of money you need to save starting now to bridge the gap. Fine tune it to adjust for the risk you want to take, and there you have it. Your financial goals will be secured.

  3. Congratulations on saving enough to invest in a wide variety of vehicles. 10K a month allows you to invest in multiple options such as equities, stocks, mutual funds etc. These are some risky but rewarding options which can provide you with a healthy return on investment. You could invest in safer tools such as Pension Funds, Government-backed bonds, Fixed Deposits, Gold etc. if you’re risk-averse.

  4. As a raw beginner i would not invest just as that as this takes years of experience, solid knowledge and market experience, plus currently may be not the best time to do that,

    If you han hold on to a contract for years without the need of funds to be returned, a ETF wiuld be the best choice, if you pick one look for “volatility” which basically means the drawdown they may create.

  5. Good job on getting to a point where you can invest that money for the future. There are many investment ideas and tutorials on this site as well as many experienced investors who can help you.

  6. If it were me I would put money into dividend stocks because you can actually generate a very good return if you consistently invest $10,000 per month.

    Soon you will be getting $30,000 every quarter just from dividend payments.

  7. One way to invest is in an ETF, best one is from Vanguard

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