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Is forex trading the largest market in the world? And what are other investment options I can invest in?

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  1. Yes it is. It is the largest and most liquid market in the world with 5$ trillion daily trading volume.

  2. The forex trading is the largest trading market in the world. This market is the most volatile market among all types of investment. This is necessary to remember that, this trading platform is not well enough to invest. You can perform your trade through the most famous currency pairs like USD/EUR, USD/JPY, USD/GBP and more.

  3. The largest market among stocks, commodities and forex is ofcourse forex. It has a daily turnover of more than 3 trillion dollars, which is 50 times more than stocks. The major and largest trading pairs with greatest liquidity are :





    The volume of forex trading is high because trading/currency purchase takes place among banks, corporates, government, central banks, High Net Worth individuals, traders and speculators.

    Do note that forex is for trading and not investing.

  4. There are many things you can invest in friend. For example you can invest in real estate without ever having to look at a house or go anywhere near it at all. These are called REITs and what these are is you buying into companies that invest your money into real estate deals and give you the proceeds based on how much you have bought=.

    They are traditionally very good safe investments and there is vert little work for you to do. Unlike the actual real estate business where you are actually making deals out in the real world, here you are investing in other companies that are specialized in doing that.

    So REITs are definitely one to look at.

    In terms of the stock market this is another great place to invest your money. Traditionally the stock market has done remarkably well and grown many many times over since it’s inception.

    Right now the stock market is a but topsy turvy so I am not sure that now is a good time to buy in. However if the market does crash which indeed it might then when it hits the bottom you should definitely buy at ETF of the S&P500. I believe Vanguard does one.

    This is a fantastic investment when you buy the entire S&P500 market all together in an ETF package and then while you never beat the market, you match the market year after year compounding and you hitch a ride on the bulls back all the way to the top.

    When the market has run a full bull run you sell your ETF, put the money into a save store of value like t bonds or gold and then wait until the market crashes and buy in again.

    At that point you will have made some serious money too and you can likely start buying land and property yourself. And then you’re seriously rich.

  5. FOREX is when you invest in the currency markets. A good investment are REITS, value stocks, dividend paying stocks and also a good ETF

  6. REITs are solid investments.

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