7 Answers: Is Alibaba (BABA) Stock a Good Buy?


I am researching Alibaba (BABA) stock and wondering if this is a good one to buy. It soared earlier in the year and has had an increase of 200% in revenue.

Only to fall so far since then in this same year that now it is looking like a very good bargain. I think the intrinsic value is far more than what is being put out in the markets.

So do you think Alibaba stock is a good buy to get in on now?

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Answers ( 7 )

  1. a chart to give you a better idea about the stock from Alibaba.com

  2. BABA future growth alone with baba should make everyone bullish

  3. Sold BABA yesterday and bought back today. 1000 shares

  4. BABA I see Breaking over the Down Trend Next Week. BABA is still on the bearish side of the trend but I see a bid

  5. we know there is no deal… lol it’s the positive outlook. Baba will be king in a few years


  6. I think this stock could be over 200$ by Christmas ?

  7. Looking for the stock to reverse higher, looking at great value right now.

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