2 Answers: NUGT and DUST in trading?


Why the volume disparity between NUGT and DUST in trading volume?

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  1. I am not sure but I think having some gold stocks could be a good hedge, but I could be wrong. What is the difference between gold company stocks and owning physical gold for storing value, not for making a return, but just not losing anything. And being able to store through a financial crisis.


    I have always liked to buy physical gold not as an investment you understand but I do see if as the best way to store current fiat money value. With inflation and all the things happening in the market today what I care about most if safety and so by buying gold and holding onto it as part of my safe basket of investing I find that this is the true way to hold onto value in these troubled times.

    And yes certainly going to be looking for ways to buy back into the market when it does hit the bottom because that is the way to make money in investing. When the market is low and stocks are going down that is what should alert you to stocks that you may want to buy.

    So many seem to look at stocks that are going up as a way of alerting them to buy. And then when they go down they sell. Well if you buy when the stock is high and going up and sell when the stock is low and going down you just did the opposite thing than you are supposed to.

    So yes to put short gold is a good option for me.

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