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  1. Farmland has historically produced bigger returns than stocks, bonds or mutual funds over the long run. Since 1990 farmland capital value has grown by 4.6% and when taking in consideration the income generated by leasing the property, returns have averaged 11.8% annually.

  2. I think that real estate is certainly a good investment. I have been investing in REITs for a long time and I think they are a safe long term investment.

    However I also think if one can get into buying office blocks or even simply starting with apartments then there is a lot of money that can be made through that, too.

    So yes I think real estate is definitely one of the best investments over time. However I think there are times when the stock market is just a fantastic way to buy in at a low end of the market after a major downturn and then buy into even just an ETF and sit on it through a bull market only to sell it at the end of the cycle.

    Like buying into the market in 2008 and selling it all two weeks ago.

    • “Like buying into the market in 2008 and selling it all two weeks ago.” now that would have been profitable with a simple ETF. Just buy and sit on it. Wow. So simple. So profitable.


    I have found that my REITs over time have made for very good investments. A REIT is an investment in the stock of a company that then does real estate deals, they do well overall.

  3. I think that it represents one of the best investments. Real estate goes up far faster than other investments when considering risk vs reward.

    Sure stocks may increase faster but not when running through a metric like risk and reward.

  4. Real estate is one of the vest best investments you can make for the long term.

  5. Many people became billionaires investing in real estate. Most bought when it was cheap, like the aftermath of a recession, others were more about branding like Donald Trump for example.

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