7 Answers: Is (TSLA) Tesla a Good Company? Worth Investing? Overvalued?


I have heard many mixed things about Tesla stock, many saying overvalued, while others saying it will go to the moon.

For me I like what TSLA stands for and would like to drive a Tesla car and it be for the future. Yet as an investor we need to consider whether this stock is going to fall and it seems to go up and up regardless.

What do you think about Tesla stock? A good one to buy? Or overvalued stock and should sell.

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Answers ( 7 )

  1. Besides having an excellent technical rating, also presents a decent setup pattern.

  2. Good video on TSLA youtube.com/c/AutopilotPerfect

    Great product. Good company. Worthy of investing

  3. For TSLA anticipate breakouts and sell into them.

  4. The charts say if it breaks $359.50 it goes to $389 according to Investopia


  5. it’s been in 340-350 level for two weeks. need a long green candle to break out

  6. TSLA Going to 365 Next week. TSLA at least that high before resistance

  7. does anybody still think this is going bankrupt ? Lol

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