9 Answers: What investing APPS and TOOLS should I use to start investing?


To analyze a company and find out more about it’s ability to make a good return on investment there must be some tools and apps you people use, right?

I understand that many investors look at a company through the scope of fundamental analysis but also I think there is much to be said about quant theory and quantitative and technical analysis too.

To conduct the best research on a company to invest in what apps and tools do you use?

I am just starting out investing in companies so pretend I don’t know anything and start at the beginning please.

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Answers ( 9 )

  1. To start with you may want to use a tool like tdameritrade.com is is a solid tool for checking moving average and other key metrics that will help you tell the trajectory of a stock you wish to invest in.

  2. There is a list of the top 10 tools for investing that can be found here: blog.producthunt.com/10-apps-that-will-help-you-become-a-better-investor-this-year-95a07e71ca81

  3. Robinhood is a great tool, check if it is available in your country. Sometimes not..

  4. Betterment can help you get better returns and optimize your portfolio for risk and reward.

  5. A good site is StockTwits.com

  6. Acorns is a simplified investing tool for young people

  7. Motley Fool and also Market Pulse from Marketwatch.com are good places to put your finger on the pulse of the market today

  8. Google actually has some very good basic tools when you search for the stock ticker they will give you the charts as well as the profit to earnings ratio right there on Google. Also Yahoo Finance is good for more in detail reporting on stocks.

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