14 Answers: Which Companies are Investing in Artificial Intelligence Technology?


When I think about investing in a company for the long term I think that the companies that are early adopters of new technologies– especially Artificial Intelligence, will be the big winners in the world to come.

I think many companies that do well now could easily be left behind and in actual fact there will be mostly new companies dominating the world thanks to using AI technologies first.

For example think about how the Internet made such a dramatic difference and many of the top companies in the world, like Amazon and Google, were not even incorporated until the Internet came along and shook things up. I see the same thing here with AI.

If you look at Walmart as compared to Amazon, and see how Amazon took hold of the new techology at the time which was the Internet… could the same thing not happen here with artificial intelligence?

Or do you think that companies like Google will adapt with the times and so these companies will just grow stronger… what do you think about how AI may disrupt the market. And which companies are investing in artificial intelligence technology now?

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  1. It is a very good point that you make here and I am in agreement. New technologies that come into play will make a major impact on how companies perform.

    I mean if Amazon does not get AI but Walmart does, then Walmart may well be able to take back the market and become industry leaders once again.

    AI = future.

  2. Nvidia Corporation is one to watch if you are interested in AI. They just had a big drop in share price but long term this is a good stock to watch. Definitely one that should be on your radar.

  3. Google is actually called Alphabet now and they are not going to become irrelevant in the age of AI. In fact Google is looking to usher in this new age working with the likes of Ray Kurzweil and finding ways to implement AI in everyday life.

    I mean if you think about the self driving cars, well that was from Google…

  4. There is a company called Twilio, stock ticker: TWLO

    This company is investing in AI technologies.

  5. I have heard that Amazon.com is actually a big investor in AI and so will be the winner if compared to Walmart

  6. Micron Technology is into memory chips and will emerge as the leader in AI, you watch.

  7. Microsoft as always. And have you heard? They just overtook Apple as the most profitable company in the world.

  8. In China they have Baidu which is like their Google and I hear that they are heavily invested in AI. We need to beat them to it! Or go and join them…

  9. Facebook I think will come out as one of the industry leaders in the age AI, probably also ORACLE

  10. There are a lot of companies getting involved with AI now and soon we will see if their investment in the space will pay off. For now I am looking at Google and possibly Amazon to come out on top of this new intelligence race.


    Artificial Intelligence is the next big technology to come along and really shake up the markets. It is clear whoever has the most intelligence will surpass all other competitors and AI intelligence seems like it may be infinite intelligence…

  11. Will be interesting to see how Amazon adopts more of an AI based strategy in the future. Already their factories are almost completely automated!

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