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How Can I Start Investing My Money Now?

So you want to know how you can you start investing your money now?

The first thing you’ll need to do is to make an investment budget.

You should save 10 to 30 percent of your current income to invest.

You don’t need a lot of money to start investing, You may start with small investments of just a few hundred bucks every month, and frequently add more money into your portfolio.

The more money you save to invest the more wealth you can achieve.

In order to build your investment portfolio, you may allocate your money as follows:

Put 40 percent of your money into an ETF. Something like Vanguard ETF or similar.

Invest 25 percent in value stocks, and the remaining 25 percent in some income producing assets like dividend stocks and REITs.

Investing in an ETF is very important because they’ll bring you a stable long term profit. Make sure that you’ll invest at least 40 percent of your money in this type of investment.

Investing in Value stocks will help you grow your portfolio faster as well as maximize your profit. If you can master the techniques of value investing, you can easily double or even triple your money in just a few months.

However investing in Value stocks is much riskier than investing in other types of investments.

So if you’re just starting out you should not invest more than 25 percent of your money in this type of investment.

Investing in income stocks like dividend stocks and REITs will bring you a good stream of passive income.

This is the easiest way to profit from the stock market.

You just need to find some good companies.

Put your money into them and collect dividends.

You can easily make a few thousand dollars extra every year. You can use these earnings to supplement your own lifestyle, or better yet reinvest and compound your returns over time through compound interest.

Investing in an ETF will bring you a stable long term profit.

Investing in Value stocks will help you grow your money faster.

Investing in dividend stocks and REITs will help you create a good stream of passive income.

Now you have a robust investment portfolio and you are beginning to get wealthy.

To do this of course you must find ways to increase your income.

It’s all about income.

You must create multiple streams of income.

Now that you’ve learned the four different investment vehicles that you can use to grow your money, begin setting aside your savings to invest in your new portfolio.

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  1. For a start you can begin to invest in learning the things you need to know to make wise and safe investment decisions. That is what you really need before investing your first dollar.

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