3 Answers: Are there any Financial advisors for people that make certain amount?


Looking for more information about my options for investing and earning a solid safe return on my investments. I would like to start investing young so that I can compound my growth over my lifetime and hopefully make some good profits along the way.

I make around 50k and in my mid 20s, I am trying to find any Financial advisors, RIAs or Fiduciaries out there that I can speak to about my finances, etc but most what Ive seen you need to have almost 100k in the bank or make a certain high amount. I dont have anything near that yet.

Where can I find a financial advisor who provide investment services for individuals and sole proprietors?

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  1. Yes it would be nice to see more information for the little guy to get involved in investing, whether that be through some kind of financial planner on something else I don’t know but there must be some material or something for people to read exactly how to value invest and become better at profiting with a strategy like value investing or growth stocks, or even bonds because I have that they too can be a good investment. The problem for some is that there are just so many different types of investment strategies out there that how can someone easily find the one that is best for them,.

    I would like too see more resourcers geared toward beginners getting involved in investing.

  2. agreed would be nice to see more on everyday people getting involved instead of too much technical. I like this site because it is a place where it seems mostly low tech people and older people like myself can access knowledge on investing in a simple way.

  3. How about this? www.askinginvestors.com/value-investing-strategy-to-start-investing-in-stocks

    I thought it was a pretty good guide to getting started value investing. There is a lot left out but if you want to truly be able to starting investing yourself, thereby by passing the worry of having someone else handling your money, then it is a good over view.

    From there search google, get out there ask questions and learn investing for yourself.

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