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A couple of years ago I threw a couple thousand dollars into a Wealthfront account with a low risk score (3.0) and a monthly deposit of $100. I didn’t know much about investing except that I wanted to start. I’m 26. However after doing some research I realize that I don’t want to keep it in there forever. I’d rather put it in a Vanguard Mutual Fund or Target Retirement Fund and not touch it.

Wealthfront charges no advising fee for the first 15k I’m investing. Like I said, it’s only a few thousand in there. So I’m thinking there’s nothing wrong with keeping the money in there until it hits the 15k mark, then withdrawing and considering a smarter option. It seems like that way I get away without being charged any fees; no harm no fowl. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any advice/insights.

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    You are right to want to put it in a Vanguard Mutual Fund this is a solid investment vehicle. You should be able to withdraw your initial investment and move funds into a more trusted and higher rate of return investment.

    Even if you lose a little value in pulling it out of a lower yield investment, you should be able to reinvest the capital and make far greater returns in the future through an ETF or other investment instrument.

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