7 Answers: Bitcoin is going down BUY XRP?


There has been some big shake ups in crypto currency over the last 12 months. Now I’m thinking that I should buy XRP.

Bitcoin is going down but XRP is going Up, Is it better to invest in XRP now?

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Answers ( 7 )

  1. No, don’t invest in any Cryptocurrencies. Stay out of these rubbish markets.

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  3. I have to say while there is a part of me that is kicking myself for not sticking in 10k into bitcoin a couple of years ago and just seeing what happened, I think that long term this is not something that actually holds any value really. It is all digital, it is not gold.

    If it were gold then it would have properties that make it useful and that would give it intrinsic value. Without that it is just essential pixels and nothing more to me.

    Maybe XRP and Xrapid have more to offer the world. Perhaps they will revolutionize banking,. But as far as I know XRP and Xrapid are two separate services and buying into XRP means nothing for any holding of Xrapid.

  4. I had a dream about XRP last night and maybe I should buy but I just don’t know enough about them and I can’t help but see that perhaps they are fundamentally flawed. I will prefer to watch this one instead of buy, it is good entertainment in any case.

  5. Don’t buy XRP

  6. Bitcoin should be renamed Bitloss

  7. I no longer think that crypto is a good investment at all

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