2 Answers: Can you buy shares directly from a company?


I was just wondering if you can buy shares direct from the company you wish to be invested in or if instead it’s like you have to go and buy through a stock exchange like NASDAQ or something?

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  1. ” Some companies allow you to purchase or sell stock directly through them without your having to use or pay commissions to a broker. But you may have to pay a fee for using the plan’s services. Some companies require that you already own stock in the company or are employed by the company before you may participate in their direct stock plans. You may be able to buy stock by investing a specific dollar amount rather than having to pay for an entire share. In that case, you could have your checking account debited on a regular basis to make investments in the plan. Some plans require a minimum amount of investment or require you to maintain specific minimums in your account.”

    From the SEC website. Hope it helps.

  2. Yes you can buy directly is the company has set up a direct buying program. This could be advantageous. Especially if you are only investing in a few specific companies.

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