1 Answers: Can a woman be a gold digger if she loves me and wants commitment?


I’m not rich but I have a degree and run my own business so I make decent money, 50k a year.
I met a 21 year old girl, I’m 20 years older. She was interested in me initially. We both bonded over our love for star wars, marvel comics, sex was amazing. She is territorial over me and would get mad if I liked another females photo on FB, if she didn’t love me she wouldnt get jealous.
I flew her to San Diego the 1st month we dated. Spent a week driving along the coast, had nice meals and wine, gifts entertainment. I gave her myl lacross jersey and she wore it at the beach over her bikini and posted dozens of photos So she wasn’t hiding her relationship with me.
Since shes a student I pay for our dates, meals, movies, gas for her to drive to me if she comes over (It’s 20 min). I’ve also taken her away for the weekend to a nice cabin and got her a spa treatment.
I’ve always felt shes too good to be true. A smoking hot 21 year old dating me (single never married no kids). She has a history of depression, anxiety, anorexia and anger issues but she’s my best friend. We dont run out of things to talk about when we travel and I love her.
Recently she posted a meme on FB about how money would solve all of her problems and started sharing man bashing posts about how men are pigs. She said to me that if I don’t get an apartment with her and travel abroad wtih her then she’s done because clearly I’m not committed.She broke up with her ex 2 months before we dated.
Did she use me? I’m not rich in the opinion of women my own age but to a 21 year old making 9 dollar per hour at a coffee shop part time she considers me well off. I spent $2000 on her alone in the first 3 months of dating

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  1. still a golddigger, but whatever makes you happy I guess 🙂

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