11 Answers: Can Investing Make You Rich? Become a Millionaire Investing?


I have read a lot about investing and different ways investors invest their money to generate an annual return on investment. I have learned that anything above 10% annual return is very good and that compounding interest works to increase yield over time.

What I want to know is can investing really make you rich if you are just starting out. Can you become a millionaire and also how long would it take to make a million dollars on the stock market?

Are some investment choices safer than others. I have heard about people making millions with crypto currency but it seems like this is not a very good investment long term.

When I was growing up my parents and everyone told me that the best investment to get rich is to buy and invest in real estate. So is that the best investment to become a millionaire?

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  1. I have spoken on private message to many people on this site who have become multi-millionaires by investing in the stock market, real estate and bonds.

    So there you have it. Yes you can get very rich and make a lot of money investing IF you take the time to learn and become a better investor.

    However if you just decide to jump in and “learn as you go” investing then you shall surely lose money. It is similar to gambling apart from the fact that if you first learn how to invest then you can actually win more times than lose. While if you go in without any financial education and just seek to make money quickly, then investing will only help you lose money and you would be better off just saving your money.

  2. I became a million in just over 5 years investing in stocks and bonds., It was a lot of work and quite a journey but it can be done and I am living proof.

  3. I have friends who have made literally tens of millions of dollars through investing in value stocks and then compounding their returns again and again.

    There are also far richer investors like Warren Buffett and so many more who have become multi billionaires, so you can become very rich, a millionaire and more.

  4. I have done well too, only investing in safe bonds

  5. Becoming rich investing takes time and practice. Of course you can get rich investing in the stock market. You can also get poor too.,

    So if you are looking to invest to make a million dollars then that is your objective. Now find safe ways of achieving it over a period of ten years.

  6. yep, invest in crypto!

  7. Start early. Invest. Compound.

  8. richer than your wildest imagination

  9. Does the OP not realize the amount of billionaires that became that way from invest in stocks and bonds?

    Warren Buffett
    George Soros
    Carl Icahn
    Ray Dalio
    James Simons
    Steve Cohen
    David Tepper

    These guys are beyond just millionaires, these guys are multi-billionaires.

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