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CBRE Ventures In The Co-Working Space Realm It seems like a new co-working space [is coming up](https://www.cbre.us/about/media-center/cbre-launches-service-offering-to-meet–growing-demand-for-flexible-space-solutions) in New York and WeWork is about to get some serious competition!

According to latest reports, CBRE, which is the biggest real estate service firm in its own league, is now venturing in the coworking space and flexible workspace realm.

Sources have revealed that CBRE has launched a $13.75 billion coworking company called ‘Hana’. [Hana](http://www.hanaspaces.com/#abouthana) is a workspace provider that is looking to compete with renowned coworking firms including Regus, WeWork, and Knotel.

However, it seems that Hana will operate differently than other workspaces. Unlike other flexible offices, which lease their services and then let companies operate separately, Hana will be focusing on exclusive partnership agreements with landlords in which the brand will co-invest for managing spaces, cost of building these spaces and shares in revenue.

Source: [https://headquarterss.com/cbre-ventures-in-the-coworking-space-realm/](https://headquarterss.com/cbre-ventures-in-the-coworking-space-realm/)

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  1. This whole Co working movement seems to be catching on really well but we will see how it goes when the tide goes out. Many companies get greedy and try to expand beyond their means making them a target for any kind of change in market conditions.

    Instead of being concentrated and strong, ready for any change in the market, these companies have grown to levels that if the market did crash, they would go out with it. And no bailout for these guys.

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