Create an ETF from “Green Companies” in the Stock Market?


I have been wondering if it’s possible to create a sector (index) specified for green companies in the stock exchange? Just these companies and no others like an ETF.

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Dominic Slater 7 months 2 Answers 89 views 0

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  1. Yes. You can create your own with platforms which allow you to buy partial stocks.

    However you should also know that there are several ETFs that are comprised of green companies. So perhaps better than reinventing the wheel here what you do is you buy into a Green Company ETF investment instrument.

    There are usually all these things already done. So you can simply buy in and then it can actually be more cost effective for you too.

  2. It is a nice idea to only invest in companies that are healthy and good for the environment and users as well. Yet it does seem that if one really wants to make a big profit then they should go into all different markets and continually try to get the best possible price for companies that you want to invest into, and not think about the social or environmental implications or concerns.

    I am somewhat torn between the two. I mean tobacco stock is cheap right now, right?

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