3 Answers: Day Trading Stock Alerts, Best Ones?


What are the best alerts to set for day trading stocks? For example, maybe an RSI below 30?

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  1. RSI can work but I would set it more at around 20 or below and 80 or higher. I would also pair that with some other indicators. I like to pair RSI with trend and support and resistance strategies. You want to make sure that the trade has everything in your favor.

  2. I personally use the vWap as a gauge, trade its reversals. Which is a pretty simple aproach but massively successful, recently turned to Forex as the liquidity is far greater and small moves can make a big difference.


    I think the use of a single indication is not good

    1.Confirm the trend(EMA, SMA, VWMA 100)

    2.Stochastics Crossover below 30

    etc..etc ====> ALERT (TING TONG)

    you can also put restrictions like if ADX (volatility) is below 25 don’t alert

    (my personal suggestion:- please don’t depend on indications or price action put alerts or choose stocks based on macros)

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