Facebook stock – How low will it go?


I thought i was making a great purchase when i bought FB after it dipped 20% in July.

Since then it has dropped an additional 30%.

I understand the lack of growth for users with FB, but they continue to dominate online advertising. 98% of online advertising money is spent either with Google or FB, and FB has created the most targeted and data driven ad platform.

They’re sitting on a pile of cash and continue to rake in profits.

How low do you think we will see this stock go? Should i cost average my current losses and buy more?

Planning on holding through 2020 at minimum

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  1. Facebook has taken a hammering and looks like it will drop even further. I can’t see a simple way of getting out of this mess for them and it seems the stock will indeed continue to fall.

    Twitter stock is up so much this year yet FACEBOOK and SNAP are down and down hard.

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