1 Answers: How do I become a successful business banker?


Does anyone know how I can become a successful business banker?

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  1. Well first I assume you will need to become certified and complete the requirements for becoming a business banker. Then you need to work as hard as you possibly can for a substantial amount of time; years. Years of consistent, persistent working toward mastering your craft.

    As an investment banker in private equity you are essentially researching different companies to buy. Or if you are involved with Forex then you are making decisions about currencies. And so on.

    Essentially you must live, eat and breath what you do. Really look into different companies that you wish to invest in. Master the different metrics to rate how well a company is doing as well as look at it from a fundamental perspective, whereby you consider the moat around the business, as well as the management and their unique competitive advantage compared to competitors, and of course the longevity. Are there new technologies that are going to render such a company obsolete in 5 years? Etc.

    Becoming the best at anything simply takes practice. You have the brain power. It is the habits of success that you now need.

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