2 Answers: How do I buy stocks with little money?


I have just a little money saved and would like to start buying stocks immediately. I feel that much of my younger years were wasted and I did not save much money and I definitely did not invest anything for the future.

Now that I get older and head toward retirement age I am thinking more and more about my decision not to save or invest and want to make up for it as fast as possible.

But I have only a little amount of money and I need to invest it for the greatest return on investment so I can catch up and also make money from compound interest.

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Answers ( 2 )

  1. The same way you would buy stocks with a lot of money. Find good companies to invest in and buy stock for these companies. The fundamental difference will be that you will earn less with less invested. Yet also you incur less risk, too.

  2. If you only have a little amount to invest you may benefit first by saving more and then investing as you go. Remember if you only start with $10,000 and add $300 per month, while also compounding the returns you will soon by investing with lots of money.

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