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  1. The thing about Walmart is that where this is a will there is a way. And they have a big will to make changes, increase their output and operations, and earn more.

    It is a good company long term.

    I believe in looking for companies that have a high intrinsic value yet many of them are trading and real discount prices. These are the companies I like to invest in. Like Walmart when I bought it and I know we’ve been through some rough patches but it’s been this way before and even with Amazon we continue and we triumph.

    The company’s ability to adapt under difficult circumstances, adapt to the changes in the market place and really thrive against the odds in 2019 when the company was founded many generations ago.

    I like these types of companies and many others. I am less fond of calling the tech stocks and how they may work out. Nor finding the intrinsic value of certain stocks. A little risky for me because one second you have yahoo and then there’s google and what happened to yahoo or many others that got left in the dust after the pioneer lay dead with arrows in their back.

  2. Walmart is certainly a good place to put some fund into that is for sure. They know how to beat a crisis and come out the other end all glowing 😉

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