1 Answers: How to invest in stocks?


Cousin gave me 3k to invest in stocks and I have no idea on waht to start with

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  1. There are many ways to learn to invest in stocks being part of this website and reading, asking and learning is one of them. If you have been following the threads you will likely have read that investing in stocks right now is very risky because they are very over priced.,

    This can be seen with the drop of the dow jones and S&P which are way down. Tech stocks are being hit hard and they were rreally seen as pinning up the market.

    So this is actually a great time to LEARN about the stock market and different stocks but not the best time to put money in the stock market.

    Remember, above making money, you must not lose money. So wait, watch and find the best timing to start buying into the stock market at the bottom of the market then all you have is upward growth and capital gains.

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