1 Answers: I have 2 "1969 S" penny it is Worth money? i think it used, also have 2 "1971 S" please i need to know trying to sell?


If they are proof coins with their full mirrored surfaces and frosty details and have never been touched – just a fraction of a fingerprint kills the value – they might be worth a a few dollars apiece. Proof coins came only in sets, so if these are proofs, someone removed them from their sets.

However, starting with 1968 and until at least 1973, the San Francisco branch resumed production of some coins for circulation, something it stopped doing after 1955 (with the exception of 1965-1967, when it and Denver produced circulation coins without mint marks during the Mint’s short experimentation with not using mint marks).

If you have coins that have been circulated, they are not at all scarce, but do contain more copper value than their face value. I do not spend any cents dated before 1982 (when the composition was changed to copper-plated zinc), I just put them away for the future. It’s currently against US law to recycle cents and nickels for their metal content, but that may change, and if Congress ever abolishes the one cent coin, it will change, and melting down masses of pennies for their copper will make some common cents worth more and may spur a short-term interest for new collectors. You still won’t get rich off of these – no matter what.

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  1. It may be worth quite a bit to a collector or rare coins

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