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I can get my production finished in 4 hours sometimes 2. I don’t what to get double the production of anyone else because I want everyone to feel I am like them. I told my manger that I was interested in any specials projects or would be happy to help anyone else. He never took me up on the offer. Not sure what to do. I looking for a more challenging job. Or should I stay with this job since I excel but being under utilized. Any advice or tip/thoughts?

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  1. Perhaps consider start a job where you work for yourself. Maybe start a blog or something similar. If you can get a lot of work done and don’t need anyone to tell you what to do then you will be very good being self-employed.

    You may also be good at investing in stocks if you have the kind of tenacity to work for long periods of time with similar drive and determination.

    If life when you look for greater challenges and you are ready for them they will come.

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