2 Answers: Is buying gold coins a good investment?


I read that in today’s market gold is a good investment and not because gold makes good returns but because it stores value. And people say that a recession is coming and fast.

Does this extend to gold coins… can saving gold coins be a good investment for me?

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Answers ( 2 )

  1. Gold can be great. The reason why I like to keep a portion of my assets in gold bullion is because it protects your funds from depreciation.

    Gold is not an investment for returns of sorts, it is much more a way of keeping your money safe.

    And yes buying gold coins is a good way to start investing in gold. As well as coins of other precious metals like platinum is particularly cheap right now.

  2. Gold coins are great, they are cheap right now and can be very valuable. Sometimes if you can find rare gold coins it can be even better because they have additional value on top of the gold content.

    Of course your best bet is to stick with simple gold coins and don’t pay a premium for rare. But if you can find rare gold coins and they are similar cost to standard coins then buy the rare ones!

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