Is it fair that Jeff Bezos who was born with a very high IQ of somewhere around 160 gets to have 138 billion dollars and someone like me …?


No one ever said life was fair – or that it was supposed to be.

I’m smart and made a good living. Worked hard. Dependable. Deserved my retirement.

BUT I was not born beautiful – is it fair that beautiful women get well paid as models and get to marry wealthy men? Well, it isn’t unfair.

It’s the roll of the dice. You work with what you have; you do the best you can.

You don’t go “Oh woe is me.” Very unattractive trait. Lose it.

And BTW, plenty of smart people are without common sense and money.

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  1. I think your last sentence was the one that I agree with the most. Just because someone made a lot of money does not mean that they are specifically smart or have that far above IQ. In fact somewhere around the 130 IQ level is supposed to be the optimal amount of IQ for achieving great wealth and prosperity.

    And it makes sense too. If a person is too intelligent they see all the flaws in their initial plans and don’t start in the first place. While if someone just simply has enough intelligence,. and then forms the habits of success and does this consistently everyday, they will be the ones who are financially free and rich.

    In terms to life not being fair, I don’t know, Karma?

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