1 Answers: Is it pretty bad that I lost almost $10,000 in the stock market?


Meh, lost more than that and I’m still adding to positions like I do every paycheck. Great thing about expecting to live off dividends and leave the stocks to your heirs is you don’t fret the little ups and downs.

That said sounds like you invested in one risky stock and did not build a portfolio of stocks. Try investing in a portfolio through M1Finance, its a great way to build a diverse stock portfolio when your just starting out.

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  1. It is very bad but you should learn from your mistakes. If you can see where you went wrong and not do it again you could do well in the future as an investor.

    It sounds to me like you decided to sell low and buy high.

    You need to buy low and sell high to realise profits from capital gains in investing.

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