1 Answers: Is there any downside to holding the same equities in different accounts?


I believe in the long term growth of $BA and I currently hold shares in my IRA. But if I want to harvest some of that growth before retirement (within the next 25 years), is there any reason not to buy $BA with my normal brokerage account? Is the double exposure something to be wary of? Or it is really just a function of when I plan on cashing out?

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  1. RE: Boeing Stock

    I see so you have your retirement account setup so as to be holding shares already for Boeing stock. The stock is looking pretty hairy at the moment and it may be better to wait before buying more, considering it seems you already have a considerable investment in the company via your IRA.

    I see no reason why you could not likewise open a personal brokerage account and purchase more with the intent of selling on a shorter time period.

    Have uploaded some photos of the stock chart, looks like Boeing has been taking a beating recently. Yet you may well be right about the longterm trajectory of the stock.


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