Japan’s economy shrank in the third quarter due to natural disasters and the trade war



> The economy contracted by an annualised 1.2% between July and September, preliminary figures showed.

> A devastating earthquake and typhoon were among the disasters to hit Japan this year, and prompted the bigger than expected contraction.

> The slowdown also comes as the US and China fight a trade war which risks hurting global trade and growth.

> Exports fell 1.8% from the previous quarter, the fastest decline in more than three years, Reuters said.

> The US-China trade war could hit Japan particularly hard because of its important role in the global supply chain.

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  1. Japan has had a tough time economically speaking for a long, long, LONG time. I’m talking about a slow never ending recession which has been continuing decade after decade. And despite having some of the top companies in the world with the likes of Honda and Toyota, they are in an economic pit.

    Add to that the devastating Tsunami that took place in 2011 as well as now typhoons, Japan has not had an easy ride of late.

    Still I wonder what is the deep root of their problems because you would think that they have a lot going for them. At least in the auto industry and technology.

  2. I feel for Japan I really do. I love Tokyo such an amazing city. I find the Japanese people sometimes a bit standoffish but I think that actually inside they are good people.

    I had also heard when I was on a trip to Tokyo about the recession, I also saw a lot of depression too. As well as some serious drunkenness. But no violence. Only the Yakuza running things that’s all. And no ATM machines hardly anywhere!

  3. Japan is actually quite an odd country, amazing of course

  4. Japan is a crazy country and the economy is haywire too. Yet these are good hardworking people who would work the average American under the table many times over.

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