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What are everyone’s expectations on JD.com’s earnings coming up on Monday? I am in long term hold mode with the tariffs plus CEO sexual assault allegations. To hedge, I’ve been buying 1-2 out month puts which has been successful strategy to date. Currently hold 11/30 $24 puts that are up 20%. Any chance JD finally beats on earnings and goes up?

They’ve missed the last 3 quarters but had a strong quarter a year ago (not sure what drove the uptick). Stock is also pretty beating down IMO but feel like Chinese stocks continue to head south no matter what. Also curious to see if any positive negotiations will come out of the G20 Summit.

Edit: subject date should be 11/19

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  1. I think that JD is going down for good. The stock is in the toilet. The CEO is being charged with sexual assault. Their business is fundamentally flawed. I think it’s all over for them now.. and good ridense

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