2 Answers: Is The Stock Market Manipulated?


I’m just a solo entrepreneur and would like to start investing yet fear that the stock market is majorly manipulated.

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  1. The stock market is about legitamate ownership and price discovery of that ownership.

    The price fluctuates on news, opinions, ect.

    It can be manipulated by false news, fake rumors, and deliberate lies to affect price.


    I would say the one specific way in which it could be a big lie is that the person asking the question doesn’t understand how it works.

    As a result, the asker’s opinion cannot be reconciled with reality, and is therefore “not true”.

    If I asked “in what way is an apple a lie?”, there wouldn’t be much of a question, because we understand the Apple reasonably well. What it is, what it does, how it comes into existence.

    The stock market is a secondary market for part ownership in companies. That’s what it is and that’s what it does. So there’s no lie, just a gap between your view of what it is and what it actually is, which can be resolved by some general reading.

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