Tech Sector “Jitters”


I’ve been reading a lot about the “tech jitters” today and how investors are closely watching AAPL to get a sense of performance for the rest of the tech sector. But in the tech space, the two highest valued companies (AAPL and MSFT) have vastly different revenue streams, with Microsoft focusing more on B2B cloud adoption. Why would sales of Apple devices have an impact on other tech stocks?

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  1. Yes there has been a lot of movement in the tech stocks over recent weeks with big boys like Apple, Google, Amazon and many more all down and continuing to drop.

    The truth is these stocks were very over valued. Even the big ones like Apple which is a great stock I think that it was still currently over valued and the market is going through a price correction.

    It could be more than just a simple correction in fact because this could actually be a sign that the bull run that we’ve been on is now over and a bear market is emerging.

  2. TECH stocks especially Apple and Google and friends — Facebook — all down. And now there is an investigation into SNAP’s IPO? The tech bubble is about to burst friends!

  3. It’s incredible to see how much the tech stocks suddenly began to fall really terrifying really!

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