0 Answers: Ugly chick with high status man get married.Does her fortune or education count?


Her personality counts. No matter how attractive a person may appear…if they are ugly on the inside…that comes out of their mouth and goes all over the place until everything is covered in snideness, nastiness, and pure UGLY and then you do not want to be in the same room with that person.

Then…that ugly starts to show on the outside…so …why marry someone who is just clueless and nasty and be stuck with them when their looks go away and only have the nasty when you can be with a person who is nice to listen to, is kind and gentle to others including YOUR friends and YOUR family and…is not going to get ugly on you.

BTW ….sometimes people’s looks mellow with age so someone who was ‘GAK’ in college is actually ‘WOW’ at 50.

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