2 Answers: VOO+VIOO or just VTI?


I like to hold a good ammount of my money in VOO and VIOO to divirsify. I don’t really like sector ETFs. Right now i hold a large portion in VIOO, VOO, and QQQ. I have 10 stocks that passed my screen and i analyzed as well.

I’ve been thinking about just dropping VIOO and buying its top holding. It performs well but wouldn’t it make more sense to just invest in VTI and drop both?

Should i keep VOO and VIOO and still invest in one of their best performers?

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Answers ( 2 )

  1. Why don’t you like the ETFs? VTI looks good though and yes you may want to go with that yet you do expose yourself to most risk than a good ETF in my opinion

  2. Just VTI for me!

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