2 Answers: What are some promising cannabis stocks?


Question: What are some promising cannabis stocks?

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    I would like to know more about the best cannabis stocks too however I am also quite aware that these stocks seem to be inflated based on the hyped up notion that they are some kind of cure-all medicine replacement.

    The reality is while there are clearly medicinal properties in CBD and also the THC content of marijuana, I don’t think that this is an expensive crop to produce… it’s a weed afterall. And I think that the stock prices are being inflated by hype and so many of the stocks are over priced.

    In the market there are the ‘plant-touching’ companies that deal with the production of marijuana directly, and then there are the companies that don’t directly produce the crop but create cannabis oils and such.

    Canopy Growth Corp., Aurora Cannabis Inc. & Cronos Group Inc. are all top weed stocks to watch.

  1. Terra Tech Corp.
    Average Volume: 582,379
    Market Cap: $148.829M
    P/E Ratio (TTM): N/A
    EPS (TTM): -$0.05

    Average Volume: 8,467,289
    Market Cap: $141.813B
    P/E Ratio (TTM): 23.55
    EPS (TTM): $3.98
    Dividend and Yield: $3.84 (4.11%)

    GW Pharmaceuticals
    Average Volume: 463,151
    Market Cap: $3.918B
    P/E Ratio (TTM): N/A
    EPS (TTM): -$9.67

    There are actually quite a few promising looking cannabis stocks at present and these stocks are likely to continue ton boom before they bust so there is money to be made in the middle.

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