3 Answers: What are your highest conviction holdings?


I am sure you hold many companies that you quite like and probably a few speculative investments, but what are your highest conviction holdings.

Doesn’t have to be things you have bought recently.

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  1. I am in APPLE for the long term I know that the stock is down right now – like all the tech giants – but I see APPLE as a great long term holding. I got in at under a hundred bucks per share and if the price goes down I will just buy more because this is a great stock for the future.

    Tim Cook is a good CEO and the company will surely do well again after this little bit of turmoil.

  2. I think that I have some good dividend companies that I would like to hold on to. I think (hope-pray) they will make it through what it coming in this stage of the economic cycle.

  3. I have some cannabis stocks which I think are going to do great in the future. Things like CBD oil can be used for many ailments and just look at the pharmaceutical market, it makes a lot of money and all the drugs are very overpriced. And now here you have new natural alternatives, and everyone is into alternative medicine nowadays, and here we are getting in on the ground floor.

    So in my investment portfolio definitely my top stocks – the ones I think will make me good money and pay solid dividends in the future are my pot stocks.

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