1 Answers: What should I do with $800 I got for my 16th birthday?


You don’t really have enough to invest. Anything that promises high returns is either a scam or risky as heck meaning you could lose it.

A savings account pays around 2.25% which means in a year on $1000, you make $22.50.

A 1 year cd might pay 2.75%.

You cant drop ship. Too young for paypal or any payment method.

Stock market is risky. Long term it will be fine but you need to start with $2500 and them add $500 a month for 20+ years.

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  1. If I were you I would invest in start a blog to learn and share information about investing while you learn the ropes. You can make money from your site and then when you do see a great investment you will be ready.

    Remember that luck is when opportunity meets and preparation. And there is no place where this truer than in investing.

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