2 Answers: What stock can a single mom invest in that will yield the most, the fastest to help support ones family?


To be safe choose a major retailer that always has cars in their parking lot, in the long run you will not loose your investment.

In bad times people will always go shopping for food and medicines, restaurants and hobby collectible businesses fold.

Look at Target, Walmart, Costco, Major Drugstores etc

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  1. That is correct, these type of stocks are called futures and they are stocks that are essential regardless of the current market conditions. For example even if their is a financial crisis tomorrow you still need to eat and buy clothes and get around etc. The first things to go in financial turmoil are these luxury items and extravagant purchases.

    So yes those are safer bets.

    I will say though that at current there are very few stocks that actually present a safe risk free investment. This is mostly because as a whole right now the market is very over valued and has been this way for many years now.

    And at this exact time the market has already shifted and is becoming far more of a bear market. Meaning stocks and shares are going down across the board.

  2. Just buy an ETF investment when the market is low and hold it through the market cycle. If you start trying to pick individual stocks to “beat the market” chances are you will actually lose money.

    Some of the best minds in the world work on the problem of beating the market and seldom ever come out on top. But if you just match the S&P500 returns over time your money will multiply many times over.

    And what is more in this case you can do very well because you can then compound your returns allowing you to increase the amount invested each and every year and to yield far better profits over time.

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