1 Answers: What type of stock would you recommend to a new investor?


One that they have researched, are knowledgeable about, is likely to be compatible with their time horizon, risk tolerance and return goals.

If someone isn’t willing to put in a little bit of effort to gain a basic investing education, they have no business taking stock recommendations from the peanut gallery on Yahoo.

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    If you are new to investing you should invest in learning everything you can first. Don’t just jump in and buy a bunch of stock with no idea what you are doing.

    For one you will not know what you own. And for two emotions will likely get the better of you causing you to do things like buy high and then sell at a low price that will cause you to lose money.

    If you are a new investor the best thing you can do is investing in LEARNING everything that you can first. Understand how to analyze a company, all the vocabulary and what you need to do to make money over the long term in investing.

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