10 Answers: Where is the Best Place to Learn Investing in Stock Markets for Beginners?


I am a rank beginner when it comes to investing in the stock market and earning money from shares in companies but I would like to learn! I have done my research and read quite a bit about investing in stocks and the market as a whole.

But I really think that if a person is going to very well and become rich and wealthy by investing in stocks then they should learn everything first before beginning.

I have read many nightmare stories about people who started with lots of money and began investing before they learnt how to invest. They ended up losing a lot of money and finding it very difficult to recover.

For me I am looking to start investing with little money and so would like to maximize my returns, of course I understand this is done through compounding over time.

So what is the best places to learn about investing in the stock market for a beginner? Are there many good places to learn these skills and understand stocks and shares?

If you have started out as a beginner in the stock market and have built yourself up to now become rich and a millionaire then I would especially like to hear from you. I want to get rich investing in stocks and I am prepared to do the work to learn how!

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  1. Right here on this site! Asking Investors may be new but already I have found that there are some very good investors right here on the site that you can message or will often come and answer your questions.

    Also good are:





  2. You can learn investing by become interested in the topic of investing. For example whenever you walk around your local town or city, look at headlines, buy things in the store of the supermarket, these can all work into your investing experience.

    Consider the things you use everyday, in stocks these are called futures. These are very interesting types of investments because they are somewhat recession resistant. As in they do succumb to massive drops in value even in the worst of economic cycles, which is why they can make up a good portion of your investing portfolio.

    There are many little lessons that you can pick up everyday when you are learning investing– look around you, read the papers, discover trends. Invest.

  3. I learned investing by reading blogs and asking questions on sites like this one; because if you are in with the market, reading learning, watching videos of the top investors like Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman and others then you will soon pickup the basics on investing and even more.

    As you grow your investments over time you will also always be learning new things to put in place and become far better at investing your money.

    When I started I was losing money but now I am in tune with the market cycles I can make money whichever way the market wants to go.

    • Me too! there is so much information available for people who want to learn about the stock market today I feel so privileged!

      Just think back to when there would be basically ZERO ways of learning investing in stocks for beginners and then think about how fantastic we all have it today.

    • teach me please

  4. Learn by doing. If you want to invest you need to get your feet wet. Many say don’t invest for years. Just learn. I say start investing but do so with small amounts of capital and then build up over time.

  5. There is a website called Stocktwits which is also good and more advanced, Asking Investors is good for beginners and I know there are very rich investors on the site

  6. Google search, forums, questions and answers, practical experience

  7. Learn by doing, Only way to learn

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