2 Answers: Where Can I Find a Good Real Estate Investment Guide For Beginners?


I am an experienced investors but I have not invested in real estate before. Having invested in stocks and made so many mistakes early on – and seeing as real estate is harder to get out of once you’re in – I would like a beginners guide to learning about real estate.

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  1. There was some good posts on real estate plays a while back but I dunno because I don’t see them around here anymore. Also looking to invest in some properties I got my eye on and would like to move quickly.

    My only thing holding me back is that I think like if I just go straight at this, just jump in and try swim that first time, well that might go south on me. But now I think that will all change if I do a little education, get myself all in order and then hit it and see if I can turn it into some serious bank.

  2. A while back a friend of mine came across these beautiful new apartments in Bangkok, Thailand. These were prime pieces in SE Asia’s up and coming hub city. I love the place, but real estate, I don’t know about that?

    The thing about places in Asia, and this can be seen in particularly in Thailand, is that foreigners cannot easily own land or even in fact companies. There are of course many foreigners who do in all accounts and purposes control their own company, although foreign share will never be over 49%.

    However for apartments a foreigner may own the title deed because of course the land of the condominium of which it was purchased does not come as part of the deed. In the same way as a foreigner can own a car or vehicle.

    So as I was saying beautiful apartments right in the centre of town, the silom area. Very interesting experience and really had me thinking.

    Asia I think has some good opportunities for real estate. I mean you look in Hong Kong or indeed Singapore, and the housing prices are through the roof.

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