2 Answers: Which is riskier, starting your own clothing store for $500,000 or buying stock in at&t?


Why are those the only options available to you?

Regardless, I have no idea what your experience is in running a business, or what you know about the fashion industry… I would guess the less risky thing would be AT&T. There are much more safer things then either of these 2 though.

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Answers ( 2 )

  1. Just wait until the market crashes and buy an ETF and sit on it

  2. AT&T stock may be a good time to buy now. But I think if you were to look at the stock market again in 9 months from now you will find a plethora of good businesses, trading at discount prices, ready to be purchased and held for the longterm.

    In regards to starting a clothing store, the reality is $500,000 for this is not a lot of money and you are outmatched by many long time brands with big budges.

    You are better off starting a small business online selling some type of clothing for a specific market, or simply holding off investing for now, putting your funds in a safe place, like gold or t bills. Then investing in the stock market when stocks are down.

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