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I would like to know who is investing in the stock market and who is making money and become rich investing in stocks. I know there are people on this website who have made a lot of money investing and I would like to join the ranks!

Are there also top gurus and investors that you follow who showed you the ropes and got you started when you were a beginner to investing in stock?

I see investing and the stock market to be a bit like sports where there are certain teams and players who do really well and others who do not. I want to find investors who started out as beginners and then built themselves up over time to become killers who make a lot of money in the markets.

My dream is that one day I will be a top investor and I have dedicated my life to this definite purpose. I want to become the best I can possibly be and make as much money as I can make investing.

So as I am a beginner to investing in the stock market can you tell me who the best people to follow are and how to start making money with stocks?

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  1. I like to follow Warren Buffett, the guy makes a lot of sense to me.

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