Why isn’t 5G priced into AAPL’s stock price or unit numbers?


5G is going to be massive and it is either coming out in the 2019 iphones or (more likely) the 2020 iphones. It makes sense that iphones sales should increase massively with 5G since everyone will want to upgrade. It also makes sense that people won’t upgrade as much this upcoming year because they’re waiting for the 5G phone, hence less iphone sales in 2019. 5G is going to be MASSIVE for iphone, but right now everyone’s just focused on the short term. Are people speculating that 5G will fail or not be a big deal? Why isn’t 5G priced in when we all know it is coming and will be massive?

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    I think 5G may make a big difference to their growth in revenue but what we are seeing now with the drop in APPLE is happening with all the tech stocks so it is not so much about any single factor.

    We need to look at the market as a whole and right now tech stocks are getting hammered.

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